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But, like others have said, there are other aspects to it like the relationship with your daughter, the dad jokes, etc. I consider Dream Daddy to be a genuinely funny game and mostly great character writing! Almost all dad jokes made me laugh and the tender moments managed to get to me. It's not just about guys dating other guys, in my opinion, it's about men living their lives, interacting with their families and also dating other men.

This Game is neither gender nor sexuality restricted. So you're in the clear. Originally posted by IlluminatiEye:. If you like visual novels with great humour and complex characters then you'll enjoy it.

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The men dating men thing isn't even that flagrant in all honesty. The game focuses more on dad humour and just getting to know the characters. The romance is pretty subtle. Originally posted by Stan Marsh:. Taiyo View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by t r a s h:. Originally posted by Sketchie:. I can't really say completely what it'd be like playing this game if you aren't attracted to men, as I am, but honestly I think the storyline has things to offer a straight guy too.

The interactions with your daughter are cute, the storylines with the other dads can be surprisingly touching and the humour in the game is well done on the whole. Might be a bit pricey if you don't have a huge interest in playing it, as playthroughs can be pretty short, but if you did decide to give it a go I reckon you'd find plenty to enjoy. Per page: Date Posted: Start a New Discussion.

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What is Huniepop?

The art in this game is really good, but I think it might be a little dated. The original Japanese version of the game came out in , and the anime art style has changed a lot since then. The story is pretty good, the characters are surprisingly likable, and the soundtrack is superb. The only issue with the game? Some of the more adult scenes feel shoehorned in.

Games Like Huniepop - Top 10 Best Huniepop Alternatives [ List] | Alternatively

The version of Little Witch Romanesque that you can find on Steam is censored, and all of the adult scenes are removed. This version of the game, in my opinion, is much more palatable.

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  • It feels true to the original story, which is able to stand on its own, without the smut. In this game, the protagonist is an orphan who is training to become a great alchemist.

    1. 1. Shira Oka: Second Chances!
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    He is accompanied on his adventures by three girls, who he has employed as bodyguards of sorts. The player then embarks on an epic central storyline, where certain events are affected by which of the three girls you have chosen to romance.

    As far as gameplay goes, Kamidori may be the strongest on this list, in terms of being both easy to grasp and fun to play through. Combat in this game feels a lot like combat in games like Fire Emblem, where your units are spread out on a grid and you make moves in a turn-based environment. The game is well-written, and the art is fantastic. The different routes also offer a bit of replay value to an already deep game.

    2. Sengoku Rance

    Most of these games are games where you click through a story and go through a mini-game of some sort, with the reward being pornographic images of anime characters. The Rance series does that, too. These games star Rance, a brash, rude warrior whose primary motivation is sex. The gameplay in Sengoku Rance is also worth talking about. I highly recommend it to any fan of the original Huniepop game. MCs in visual novels and most other anime media are absolutely awful, but rance is so likable. Sunday, April 14, Sign in.

    Games Like Huniepop

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    COME TO DADDY - Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator - Part 1

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