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Gay Vilnius

Safe atmosphaere with a splendid staff taking good care. In Poland we're ashamed becuase of homophobia in Lithuania.

In Warsaw we elected the first openly gay member of the City Council this year: It's a shame to have such neighbour as Lithuania: Please be assured, that gay people, along with their straight friends, will never stop fighting for equality and for the realisation that it is not a bad thing to love someone of the same sex. We will prevail. I saw Gay Pride in Vilnius and it was very strange - small, shy demonstration with most foreign people also with Polish supporters looking like a protest of workers of a supermarket. In Warsaw was Europride and it was great with about 10 participians, funny clothes, drag queens, handsome shirtless men and thousands of ordinary Poles with kids watching parade on all route, smiling and taking photos.

Right-wing hooligans were about and they weren't able to disturb the parade. Comapring to Vilnius, Warsaw is a heaven for gays. Lthuania, it's your shame!

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I'm not trying to justify those shouting against gays but our society is as it is. If we try to remember what we are usually exposed to in terms of gay culture is gay sex. I do not deny that there exists pure love, friendship, tenderness or that gay people feel the same heterosexuals do.

However, what I often encounter in gay culture is sex cult. It's not that homosexual love is disgusting or abnormal, it is the scenes we tend to associate with it. I have personally encountered an unpleasant scene in sauna when a young family with children were forced to leave because gay couple were almost having sex there taking no regard of the others.

I mean, such conduct is highly improper not only for heterosexuals but also for homosexuals, and I wouldn't be happy to see the heterosexual couple mating somewhere near. In such situations, one cannot help but think that gays demand more than heterosexuals. Even having a couple of gay friends, I do not feel they are worse or better just because of being gay.

Their sexuality does not concern me and should not concern the rest of the world, and I'm happy that they are happy being honest loving people but I do not feel it right to let them ignore certain society rules just because they are gay. Coming from Lithuania, I do feel the public opposition towards homosexuality as such; nevertheless, I understand that two different sets of values are juxtaposed: In my opinion, neither of these values are absolute, thus each person privately decides what side one is on.

The society is not perfect, but it has certain rules that any person has to commit to, regardless of one's sexual orientation. While the society is very complex and diverse, the questions to ask is what homosexuals want to demonstrate by marching in the streets, and whether it is effective in changing the attitude homophobes. I recently visited Vilnius, which is the city where my family used to live for generations. I must say I was surprised at how widespread homophobia is, and how hot is the hatred. I live in Poland, in a rather small city of Torun. And people think Poland is homophobic What you hear from people is so backwards and mindblowing I'm gay.

In Poland vast majority doesn;t give a flying toss about someone's orientation.

And many people are outright supportive. There are many bigoted people in Poland, but it is vary rare to see someone confrontational or hot with hatred. Homophobia in Poland shows most in gossiping behind someone's back. In Vilnius people actually get red and shaking when you ask about gay clubs.

When you ask about human rights for gay people. Polish minority in Lithuania is not any different. Vilnius looks good on postcards. Lots of bad emotions in people, very bad place to visit. Don't bother and go to Berlin. Or even to Warsaw, with its vibrant gay scene. Visit Warsaw, or Cracow and don't bother about stupid Lithuanians.

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After reading some of these nasty naf comments that have come from lithuania I have come up with a great idea why dont all of those from villinus and the rest of the country pack up your bags and piss off home, you comeinto the rest of europe and claim as much money as possible and tell people here how fab your country is, well if its that great go home to your sad little world.

I bet when you are looking for work or claiming your dole you dont care if a gay man is employing you or paying your benifit or wages. How funny when people say 'gays are not welcome in Vilnus' because gay people are already there Vilnus will change, as did the rest of the world when they realsied that gay people are just the same as everyone else.

Gays Vs. Lesbians: Friday Night Swap

So, dont waste your time shouting at gay people.. We are not afraid to fight for our rights This is so out of date.

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I mean, Mens Factory. Check out Soho. There's one more club at Jaksto street. There are also a few places in Klaipeda. The rest of the story is pretty well told. You are a narrow minded biggot.

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Gay people are and have been some of the kindest and most thoughtful people I have met. Sadly gAngster you will never have an insight to the charecter of those you choose to condemn because you are a nazi idiot. News for you dude, we all have to share this planet and if we can eradicate the views of people like you then this would be a better place to live. OPEN that pathetic closed mind of yours and face embrace reality and the very lovely people and MY friends that are gay and thank god for them and the added diversity of life.

By the way , I am stright but maintain an open mind and dislike nazi and narrow minded idiots like you. Are you fucking crazy. In Lithuania we hate gays dont can think you are welcome here and dont say that we like you. Well I'm shocked by some peoples hateful comments on here, There is nothing wrong with being gay.

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