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Being redpilled means you've become aware of the truth about society which, according to them, means typically alt-right viewpoints. An angry shrieking sound. Used ironically in the voice of a typical 4chan user. It's part of a larger joke that most people on 4chan are NEETs who live with their parents, play video games all day, eat only chicken nuggets, watch anime, and are on the autism spectrum. Typically, it's used to show anger at "normies" for invading their online spaces.

There are memes of Pepe the Frog making that noise when he's angry. Extremely withdrawn social outcasts who see themselves as unfeeling robots. Most of the time they just post about how they can't get girlfriends. Shadilay A bad Italo-disco song from Someone in the alt-right discovered an obscure track called "Shadilay" by a band called P.

The song itself has nothing to do with the alt-right except the band name, but in a truly weird twist, the record has a cartoon frog on the vinyl label. Shitposting A classic forum term for flooding a thread with worthless or annoying posts, either because you're bad at posting or because you do it on purpose to troll.

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The alt-right uses shitposting as a derailing tactic, kind of like a digital filibuster. The term is used flexibly to sometimes just describe any kind of online posting: SJW An acronym for social justice warrior, a pejorative term for people concerned with feminism, civil rights, and liberal ideology. Snowflake Short for "special snowflake," an insult to SJWs. The joke is that that they're fragile and coddled millennials who were raised on participation trophies and being told they were special.

The Overton Window A general concept to describe the limits "window" of what the public finds acceptable.

Some pundits have suggested that Trump has shifted the scope of this window, and that things like the "grab her by the pussy" comment would have previously been career-ending for a politician. The alt-right believes it's helping shift the Overton window for the public by making the movement's extreme speech normalized, and in its wake has opened up the path for Trump.

Trolls on 8chan decided to spread a rumor that the pigeon sticker is actually a pro-Nazi symbol. This is a good example of the thorny layers of irony in these memes: Trash Dove was created purely as a joke to trick people especially the media into believing this innocuous cartoon was a Nazi symbol, but then… it kind of became true. If enough people believe something is a Nazi symbol, then that's what it is. This is kind of like what happened with Pepe, an image that had no inherent tie to racism or politics until people started using it that way. White Genocide A conspiracy theory among white supremacists that immigration, globalism, and abortions rights are part of a larger conspiracy to exterminate white people.

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Back Other perspectives on this story. We can't let them have feels guy too! Discord far predates Trumps run for president. I was using it back in when it was still in beta Being how discord is free and seamlessly integrates with the mobile phone app, it has been quite successful View Comments.

Link and Sidon: This extremely positive and buff fish-man was always stanning Link in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

20 Hilarious Gay Sex Memes That’ll Make You Laugh Your Ass Off

But perhaps he had more than admiration for the young hero? Fans of this non-canon couple made tons of memes about the sexual tension between the two characters. Sorry, Zelda. The Sheik gender debate has been happening since her debut in Ocarina of Time in This discussion actually produced a bunch of memes in which fans manipulated the character's gender. But just because Nintendo says something doesn't make it true at least in the eyes of serious fans. Twink from Paper Mario knows where his body stands in the gay community. Samus Aran from Metroid is trans and beautiful.

Samus Aran is trans, and Ronda Rousey shouldn't play her: Samus Aran is a transgender woman according to fans and, to some extent, the game's creators. It's great to see transgender representation in the gaming community, even if the miserable people of the internet have a problem with it. Every Super Smash Bros. If every character danced like Bayonetta , the world would be a better, queerer place. Splatoon is a home for the queer squid community. Sometime in Summer , Splatoon boards became home to a series of queer and trans-affirming memes.

If you're a queer cephalopod looking for a chosen family, you can find it on Splatoon. Wario from Super Mario is a lovable bottom and daddy. Frimpys August 9, Among the Super Mario characters, Wario ranks eighth in terms of queerness. Thanks for being such a leader in the community, Wario! Isabelle Isabelle will always have a crush on the player's character, no matter the gender picked by the player in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, making her a pansexual. Isabelle from Animal Crossing has been known to have a mean crush on the main player, regardless of their gender identity.

She was pansexual even before most of the internet learned what pansexuality was from Janelle Monae. Waluigi from the Super Mario universe is a queer icon. There's a whole section of queer theory dedicated to Waluigi's gender identity. I wouldn't recommend digging too far in, but the basic premise is that Waluigi is Luigi's queer-mirrored self. All of Luigi's homosexual fantasies are projected onto and experienced vicariously through Waluigi. Vivian is reportedly described as a trans woman in the Japanese version of the game — not, of course, in the English version.

Characters repeatedly make fun of her gender presentation which is trash, because Vivian would score so hard at a Brooklyn queer party. In , Splinter declared Princess Peach a feminist queer icon. They were percent right. Princess was a switchy proud high femme way back in the s, when feminism was a dirty word and tops ruled the world.

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Kuczynski says he found himself in a gay bar one night listening in on some dudes talking about what stereotypical categories they belonged in. It seemed like an interesting area to explore. Says Tuller on his interest in the project: Second is my interest in how these labels have been reclaimed by the LGBTQ community as something lighthearted, erotic, comical, or otherwise endearing.

gay bear memes Gay bear memes
gay bear memes Gay bear memes
gay bear memes Gay bear memes
gay bear memes Gay bear memes
gay bear memes Gay bear memes
gay bear memes Gay bear memes
gay bear memes Gay bear memes

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